Respite Hospice Care is designed to provide short-term relief for in-home caregivers of hospice patients, typically the patient’s close relatives. This type of care allows the primary caregivers the opportunity to rest and recover from the demands of providing daily in-home care. Respite care can also be provided during other circumstances like:

  • Caregiver needs to attend an important life event (wedding, funeral, etc.).
  • Caregiver needs assistance providing care to the patient for complex pain or other symptoms.
  • Caregiver is temporarily ill and needs time to recover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home health is a physician-ordered service designed to enable patients to maximize their ability to function safely at home by teaching patients and their caregivers how to provide effective, appropriate care. Symptom and disease management, medication management, mobility, home safety issues and a wide range of education are among the many needs covered.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the many services we provide. However, we must have a physician’s order to provide care. Talk to your doctor if you feel you have a need for home-based services.

You must be home bound to receive home care. Your physician must determine your need and write an prescription (order) for your care.

No, skilled home health care is intermittent, with the frequency of visits determined by your physician and home health clinical team.

Care can be provided in your home, whether that is your house or a family member’s, an adult family home, assisted living or retirement home. Home health cannot be provided in a hospital or nursing home.

Home health care is specifically designated to deal with acute changes in a patient’s physical and/or mental condition. These changes can be related to a worsening of a long-standing illness, a new diagnosis or a need for post-operative care and education. These changes can be physical and/or mental in nature.

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