Mission Statement


At Doctor’s Choice Home Care & Hospice, our team of trusted professionals are committed to caring for our employees, patients, their families, friends and loved ones. We are committed to caring for the communities we serve providing expertise in hospital-to-home transitions, recovery, management of chronic illnesses, and helping individuals achieve their highest level of health and comfort at home. Doctor’s Choice Home Care & Hospice is led by a group of experienced clinical leaders with over 50 years of combined service in home care. In keeping with our core values of courage, compassion, and commitment, our agency provides excellence in healthcare through evidence-based care, educational programs, clinical intervention, and best practice treatment methods to ensure excellent and compliant patient care. Allow Doctor’s Choice Home Care & Hospice to be your home care professionals because we Care.



Courage to do what is right for our patients; courage to be transparent to your fellow staff; courage to encourage; courage to provide constructive criticism, courage to receive criticism; courage to decide to improve yourself and those around you.


Compassion for your patients, compassion for your fellow staff, compassion for your community.


Commitment to finish what you start; commitment to a higher standard; commitment to living up to a reputation for which we all can be proud.

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