What is Home Health Care and Who Needs it?

Home health care is specifically designed to accommodate acute changes in a patient’s physical or mental condition. These changes can be related to the worsening of a chronic or long-standing illness, a recent diagnosis, or the need for post operative care and/or education. If you or a loved one find yourself in the position of seeking home care, it may feel overwhelming deciding where to start. Understanding what home health care is, what services can be included, how a patient qualifies and learning more about prospective providers is a great place to start.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a range of physician-ordered health care services for an illness or injury that are administered in a patient’s home. These services are designed to enable patients to maximize their ability to function safely at home. Symptom and disease management, medication management, mobility, home safety issues and a wide range of education provided to the patient and caregivers are among the many needs covered.

Doctor’s Choice Home Care & Hospice provides hospital-to-home transitions, recovery, management of chronic illnesses, and helping individuals achieve their highest level of health and comfort at home. Doctor’s Choice does not provide 24-hour continuous care, the care provided is intermittent and determined by the patients physician and home health clinical team.

What Types of Services are Provided?

Doctor’s Choice provides a range of home health care service programs that are tailored to the physical and mental needs of the patient. Service programs include Congestive Heart FailureCOPD and Wound Care Management.

Who Qualifies for Home Health Care?

A patient that qualifies for Home Health Care is a patient that is under the care of a physician who has ordered treatment or services like those provided by Doctor’s Choice Home Care & Hospice, a patient that has had a recent illness, injury or change in condition which requires skilled care, or a homebound patient that is restricted in their abilities to leave their home without the assistance of another person or the aid of a medical device (like a cane, walker, wheelchair, etc) due to an illness or injury.

In order to qualify for home health care services from Doctor’s Choice Home Care & Hospice, a patient must be home bound, and a physician must provide orders (write a prescription) for care.

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